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5 thoughts on “Articles, Reviews, Etc.

  1. Rodney Reeves


    I’ve just about finished your book on Ephesians. Brilliant. Well done. I esp. enjoyed pp. 110ff on Paul’s subversive “performance” of the gospel “script.” I hope we get the chance to meet and talk sometime.

    Rodney Reeves

  2. Geoff Wilson

    Tim, I like reading your blog and articles – thank you for making those available. I now would like to buy your Ephesians book.

    May I make a suggestion about the design of your website. I find the font colour you are using difficult to read because it is so faint. It puts a strain on my eyes, at least.

    1. timgombis

      Thanks, Geoff–I’m considering a change in the format of the blog, and perhaps will do it once I have more confidence that my tinkering won’t just delete the whole thing!

  3. Sally Lee

    I just finished listening to your podcast on “Make America Great Again”. Your thoughts on why that is not a good vision for people, especially Christian believers, totally was transforming to my thoughts concerning the current political culture. As some one whose faith was birthed during the 70’s and 80’s with the Moral Majority etc. your podcast help me understand why I have become increasingly uncomfortable with main line, white, evangelical thought. Now I feel I can more clearly discuss these issues with my peers. Thank you!

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