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4 thoughts on “Articles, Reviews, Etc.

  1. Rodney Reeves


    I’ve just about finished your book on Ephesians. Brilliant. Well done. I esp. enjoyed pp. 110ff on Paul’s subversive “performance” of the gospel “script.” I hope we get the chance to meet and talk sometime.

    Rodney Reeves

  2. Geoff Wilson

    Tim, I like reading your blog and articles – thank you for making those available. I now would like to buy your Ephesians book.

    May I make a suggestion about the design of your website. I find the font colour you are using difficult to read because it is so faint. It puts a strain on my eyes, at least.

    1. timgombis

      Thanks, Geoff–I’m considering a change in the format of the blog, and perhaps will do it once I have more confidence that my tinkering won’t just delete the whole thing!

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