Oliver “The Enforcer” Crisp to Fuller

Knowing how this might upset trans-Atlantic relations, Her Majesty’s Special Forces asked me to keep a lid on this for a while.  It’s apparently out, however, that Oliver Crisp is joining the faculty at Fuller Theological Seminary.

Crisp’s unique brand of bare-knuckle theological brawling is well-known, especially his treatments of Jonathan Edwards and Christology.  Less familiar is his fearsome reputation as an enforcer among London gangsters.  It’s rumored that Guy Ritchie based his character Mickey O’Neil (aka “The Gypsy”) on Crisp for his film Snatch.

This new position may allow Crisp to integrate his twin passions for pugilism and pontification.  According to one prominent theologian, “Crisp’s work on Christology is certainly noteworthy, but it’s his lightning quickness that is so arresting.  And his one-inch punch . . . devastating.”

Safe travels, Crisps!

SoCal, you’ve been warned.

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