U2 in East Lansing

Awaiting the start of the concert


Maddie and I drove up to East Lansing to see U2 on Sunday and had a blast.  Sarah and I saw them at Soldier Field in September ’09, which was amazing, but it was a unique delight to take my daughter to her first show.  It was equally wonderful that she’s now driving so that I could kick back and enjoy the trip!

Among other things, I was struck by U2’s blend of being serious and unserious.  I first saw them in 1987 during their super-pious phase.  They took themselves way too seriously as they advocated for social justice from a holier-than-thou posture.

They threw all that away in the 1990’s and mocked what they had become, sending themselves up in a variety of ways.  Interestingly, they also began concluding concerts in the late 90’s by thanking audiences for giving them a good life.  Their self-awareness led to a sweet humility.  They began to take themselves less seriously while still taking their music seriously.


Bono & Edge doing an acoustic version of Stay (Faraway, So Close!)





Sunday night was no exception and this blend of taking rock music seriously but themselves not-too-seriously was so endearing.  It welcomes others into the joy and ecstasy of great rock without putting people off with hyper-piety.


The 360 Tour stage in full effect.








For more on Sunday’s show.



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