Matera on Romans

Romans, Frank J. Matera, 978-0-8010-3189-2With so many commentaries on Romans, you’d think it would be easy to find one to use in a classroom setting.  Frankly, I didn’t feel great about any of those I consult regularly.  It’s difficult to find the right one that suits an intensive summer course with seminary students from various backgrounds.

I spent some time in a few other volumes in this series and they’re very good.  So I looked through Matera’s offering, chose it, and was not disappointed.  He states that he wrote it for use by masters level students, so I figured it would do the trick.  He covers all the major theological and textual issues, laying out the positions and their implications.  He writes as both a scholar and teacher and I thought it was received very well by students.

Different commentaries are good for different uses, and Matera’s will reward consultation by students and pastors preparing to preach or teach through Paul’s letter.

Check out Matt Montonini’s interview with Frank Matera.

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