U2, Gift-Receiving, & Mutuality

We can never talk enough about serving others in the name of Jesus.  We don’t talk nearly enough, however, about being served in the name of Jesus.

Truly being neighbors, friends, and siblings in Jesus–serious Christian mutuality–means we need to cultivate the twin skills of giving and receiving gifts.  Make no mistake, these are indeed skills.  I know the work it takes to embody servanthood and to try to shape and reshape my imagination so that I think more and more like a servant.

But I’ve discovered that for the upper-middle-class it’s just as difficult to receive gifts well–to enjoy a gift and to do so in ways that the joy of both giver and gifted are shared and increased.

All of this came together so beautifully the other night at the U2 concert in Nashville.  You can read about it here and here.  You can see the video here.

I just love all the gift-giving and gift-receiving going on here, resulting in an abundance of joy.  Bono received this guy’s gift and gave him a gift by truly entering into the moment.  This is followed by Bono giving the guy a gift.  Just such a beautiful moment.

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