A Hitchhiker’s Guide to Jesus

I’m participating this week in the blog tour for the book, A Hitchhiker’s Guide to Jesus by Bruce Fisk, who teaches New Testament at Westmont College.  Check out the other stops on the tour, along with the book giveaway.  I’ll trot out some thoughts on it later in the week.

A Hitchhiker's Guide to Jesus

This book is similar in approach to a few others that take a unique perspective on an aspect of New Testament studies.  It reminds me of The Shadow of the Galilean, by Gerd Theissen, who wrote to help students understand the work of historical Jesus scholars.

Another book along this line is Bruce Longenecker’s fictional work, Lost Letters of Pergamum, which is on the syllabus for just about every NT course I teach.  It is unsurpassed in giving students a feel for everyday life in the Roman Empire, the character of first-century churches, and how the gospel sounded in an ancient context.

A Hitchhiker’s Guide shares with these books a sensitivity to the question, How do I process this topic?  It’s one thing for a scholar to roll out another introduction to historical Jesus studies, but it takes an experienced teacher to know how to help students place this information.  Where does it fit?  Why is it important?  How does it relate to what I already know about the NT and how I conceive of Christian faith?

8 thoughts on “A Hitchhiker’s Guide to Jesus

  1. Peter

    This book caught my eye as soon as I read about it. Is it possible to find out if and when it will be available in a Kindle format? I live in Latin America and have had to give up having books shipped to me, it’s just too expensive.

      1. Peter

        I wrote to them a couple of weeks ago through the website but no reply. Christian publishers in general have been a little slow to move with the times. Of course, I realize that the small numbers of books they sell is also a big factor. IVP told me recently they are in the process of converting all their books. PTL!

        I’m always crying out for translations into Spanish too, but the fact is that without major marketing efforts only small quantities will be sold. In this part of the world, health and wealth and TV evangelists reign supreme.

      1. Peter

        Joey: that’s very kind of you but the problem is this end. I’ll just be patient. God bless.

    1. timgombis

      Depends on the class, but for pretty much every course I have it somewhere since it sets the scene for what 1st-cent. churches were like and can set the stage for Jesus’ life and teachings. I just does so much work to get Bible readers into that context.

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