It’s the Little Things

The big football news coming out of Indianapolis over the last few weeks was the firing of some key figures in the Colts organization.  The team owner fired Bill Polian, the team vice chairman, and more recently dismissed Jim Caldwell, the head coach.

Amidst all the news and comment that followed, one thing stuck out to me.  Peyton Manning, the Colts QB, said this about Bill Polian:

Personally, my goodness, so many thoughts. He was one of the last guys to leave my wedding with Ashley (his wife). This is very, very tough.

Of all the things that Manning could have mentioned, he highlighted something that seems so inconsequential.  But it wasn’t insignificant to Peyton and his wife.  It obviously meant a great deal.

I mentioned Manning’s comment to my family at dinner the other day and we recalled the times when, in the midst of painful loss, a friend stopped by with flowers or some other thoughtful gift, and offered a brief, kind word.  Those are seemingly small things that aren’t small at all.  I know that my wife and I will never forget them.

The bonds we form by thoughtful gestures of serious friendship in pivotal moments are anything but insignificant.

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