A Practical, Creative, & Wonderful Opportunity for Lent

Chris Seay invites individuals, small groups, and churches to spend 40 days of solidarity with the poor.  This is a very simple and practical way to draw upon God’s grace and become agents of God’s goodness to others.

Our daily dinner together is a big deal for our family.  We eat well, we eat lots, and we have good laughs!  We’re very blessed and because we have plenty in our fridge and our cupboards we’re very rich in relation to most of the rest of the world.

We’re going to spend the Lenten season eating purposefully simple dinners for the benefit of a dear friend who has lived her life in service to others in the name of Jesus and barely has enough to provide for basic needs.

Check out Chris Seay’s web-site and get hold of his book, A Place at the Table, for practical ways to pray for and serve the poor during this season.

2 thoughts on “A Practical, Creative, & Wonderful Opportunity for Lent

  1. Bohnenstengel

    Tim – Thanks for all the post about Lent. They have encouraged me to revisit my thoughts concerning Lent and its purpose in my spiritual life. I am on a journey through the desert, for 40 Days of reflection and spring cleaning.

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