5 thoughts on “Masters Week

  1. Craig Benno

    Continuing on from a previous conversation, I do believe Tiger Woods may take it out. I think his recent form shows great probability of him making a come back.

    1. timgombis

      It’s going to be a blast to watch! Hard to match in recent years for anticipation–Tiger, Phil, and Rory are all playing well. Two weeks ago he really put it all together, so the question will be, Is that a sign of things, or did he just so happen to put it all together on a course where he’s won 9 tournaments (3 amateur and 6 pro)? I’ll be glued to the TV!

  2. Steve W

    One of my absolute favs as well. I can’t even separate the Master’s from the joy connected with Easter and Spring–so hopeful and exciting. Rebirth after the long cold “achh” of winter. I want to pay special attention to who is having fun for the sheer the love of the game.

    1. timgombis

      It’s the hopeful landmark on the calendar after the long winter, indeed! There are just so many storylines coming into this year that make it hard to recall a Masters that was more anticipated than this one.

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