Thinking with Scripture about Divine Election

This week I’m going to re-post a series I wrote last summer about divine election, slightly edited. 

Scripture uses predestination and election language throughout both testaments, but for many people these are confusing and troublesome notions.  They raise questions about the mechanics of salvation and doubts about God’s ways with humanity.

Ephesians 1 is loaded with election and predestination talk.  I had the opportunity to reconsider how this language functions while teaching Ephesians and then while writing The Drama of Ephesians

I’m hopeful that these will bring about some clarity, or at least generate some helpful discussion.

2 thoughts on “Thinking with Scripture about Divine Election

  1. pastorkerr

    Seems like predestination is overrated. I see at assurance that God will win and see this great conflict through to the end, but I see others using it for a different assurance self assurance of salvation. Salvation can be lost. Thus we are admonished, “Grieve not the Holy Spirit”.

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