Public Lectures on Ephesians

The Thursday Evening Bible Class is a longstanding tradition at Grand Rapids Theological Seminary.  Each fall semester a faculty member offers a class to which the public is welcome.

This semester I’m teaching Ephesians and we begin this Thursday.  If you’re in the area, you’re very welcome to attend!  There’s no cost and the class runs for an hour beginning at 7:30.

What a great way to spend an early evening before heading home to watch the Bears-Packers game!

4 thoughts on “Public Lectures on Ephesians

  1. Sean

    Tim, it would be fantastic to have access to those lectures. As someone who has worked through all your published articles on Ephesians, and The Drama of Ephesians, I must confess they are exceptionally helpful in understanding a very important letter, with a very pertinent message to the Church. Thanks for your faithful service.

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