Conference on Christian Political Participation

If you’re in West Michigan on Monday, plan to come to Grand Rapids Theological Seminary for our annual Talking Points conference.  This year’s theme is Christian Civic Engagement: Right, Responsibility, Opportunity.

Dr. Amy Black of Wheaton College and Dr. George Marsden of Notre Dame are speaking, and I’m giving a presentation on Paul’s political vision.

It’s shaping up to be a great day of lively discussion, so plan to attend!

N.B.: I’m going to avoid dressing so as to favor either liberal (corduroy jacket, knit tie, frayed khakis) or conservative (blue blazer, red tie, pressed khakis) folks, so I’m considering speaking in this outfit.

6 thoughts on “Conference on Christian Political Participation

    1. timgombis

      I’ll probably post my presentation here on the blog, but I’m not sure if the others will be available in audio format or otherwise. Check the web-site afterward, I’d say.

  1. joey

    (Off topic)
    I heard someone make reference to a doctoral thesis on the Book of Romans by a Utah(?) student that “solves,” for example, some of the issues that Douglas Campbell raises (not that he’s the first) concerning the book. Do you know of such a thesis? Thanks

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