My Paper on Paul & Politics

Here’s my paper on Paul’s political vision.  The Talking Points day conference at GRTS provided an opportunity for me to sketch this out, and I’m looking forward to developing it further at the Wheaton Theology Conference next Spring.

For that presentation, I’ll probably develop sections on Romans 13 and Paul’s use of the Household Code form in Ephesians and Colossians.  The latter are meant to function as something of a political manifesto for God’s new society rather than instruction for nuclear families in the modern sense.

9 thoughts on “My Paper on Paul & Politics

  1. Danny Mortensen

    Hi Tim– I’ve been visiting your blog with some regularity, and your topics are fascinating. Thanks for sharing so many of your thoughts and articles.

  2. Gombis, Jon

    Is any of the talking points conference online? This is an issue that is very interesting to me in light of Tuesday’s election.

    Hopefully I’ll see you on Turkey Day…

  3. Ryan

    This year’s conference looks fantastic. I am very much looking forward to your presentation and the others on this underdeveloped topic in evangelical theology.

    1. Allen Browne

      Tim, I notice that Amy Black is also speaking at the conference. I’m currently reading her book, “Honoring God in Red or Blue: Approaching Politics With Humility, Grace, and Reason” (Chicago, IL: Moody Publishers, 2012). While I’m just getting started, it looks like it’s taking a good approach.
      FWIW, Vyrso (Logos’ non-academic arm) had it on special:

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