My Questions for the Pope

Scot McKnight referred to John Piper’s post about what he would ask the Pope. Piper said he’d ask him about justification.

I’m not surprised by that question, but I can’t say I like it too much. I don’t think evangelicals are well placed historically to play doctrinal cop. It brings out the worst in us and provokes the worst from others.

After reading Scot’s post, I began to imagine what I’d ask the Pope. Here are my questions:

First, I’d ask if he’s ever heard of American evangelicals. If so, I’d love to hear his thoughts. What does he think of us?

Second, I’d ask if he thinks we have any blind spots.  What are we missing? What are we doing that we think is helpful, but is actually harmful?

Third, I’d want to know about opportunities. Where can we maximize our efforts? What problems are we most fit to address that are completely off our radars?

I’d rather know from an outsider how we can enjoy more of God’s goodness as we become more faithful agents of blessing to others. I’m less interested in determining if he passes my doctrinal test.

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