“Holy War” & Christian Morality

Heath Thomas, Jeremy Evans, and Paul Copan have edited a very fine book called Holy War in the Bible: Christian Morality and an Old Testament Problem.

It deals with the troubling appearance of God-endorsed warfare in Scripture from a biblical-theological, philosophical, and ethical perspectives.

Check out the promotional videos from IVP, one that features editor Heath Thomas, and another with a random person found walking the halls of the convention center in Chicago last November.


5 thoughts on ““Holy War” & Christian Morality

  1. Andrew T.

    It isn’t clear to me why Christian’s find God directed warfare troubling. Man directed sexuality tends towards sin; God directed sexuality doesn’t. Man directed desire tends towards Greed; God directed desire doesn’t.

    Since warfare is the default state of man (as a consequence of sin), why shouldn’t God directed it? How do we know that He is not minimizing sin in His actions?

    As creator and sustainer of all things, it is He who executes judgement, putting down one and lifting another up [Psa 75:7]. Only those with weak faith or selfish judgement should be troubled by the appearance of God directing warfare …

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