The Story of God Bible Commentary

The first two volumes of The Story of God Bible Commentary will be available very soon, Scot McKnight’s Sermon on the Mount and Lynn Cohick’s Philippians.


They’re very well-written and will prove to be excellent resources for Bible teachers, pastors, and those interested in grappling with the biblical text and its implications for Christian faithfulness today.


You can check out each volume with a free preview.  Zondervan has made available excerpts of their volumes as free ebooks.  McKnight’s is called Kingdom Vision, and Cohick’s is available as Eager Expectations.  Check ’em out!

I’m delighted to be part of this project, contributing the volume on the Gospel of Mark.  I’m heavy into it these days and thoroughly enjoying working through the text in the series format.

5 thoughts on “The Story of God Bible Commentary

  1. Michael DeFazio

    I just began teaching the Gospel of Mark at an undergraduate Bible college in Missouri and am very excited to see your volume! Your work on Ephesians has opened up my favorite letter in exciting new ways, so I’m looking forward to your work on my favorite Gospel.

  2. david bartosik

    stumbled on your blog from and right at the right time. Doing some stuff in philippians with our students and would love to see if this resource is a good fit! Thanks Tim.

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