Dictionary of Jesus & the Gospels

Students of Scripture know the supreme value of IVP’s line of dictionaries.  For most of us, they’re located within easy reach on the shelves of our studies and are seriously well-worn.  My Dictionary of Jesus and the Gospels is one such volume and I’ve been very much looking forward to using the revised and updated version as I work through Mark’s Gospel over the next few years.

I just got my mitts on it, have paged through it a bit, and it looks brilliant.


I’ll be working through a bunch of it in coming days will post a review.

2 thoughts on “Dictionary of Jesus & the Gospels

  1. DanO

    Do you know if the entries are the same and/or if there are new ones added? I have a 1st edition and boy was it helpful when I studied for my NT comps. The whole series is a “must have.”

    I look forward to your insights on the 2nd edition.

    1. timgombis

      Hey DanO, I think a bunch were added and most others were updated. The revision seems seriously thorough as far as I’ve looked. Indeed, the series is basically a starting point for biblical studies.

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