Creation in Genesis

It isn’t easy to read Scripture faithfully in the midst of a conflicted and contested culture. When Scripture is put to use to endorse this or that contemporary cause, the church loses the ability to hear what the Lord of the church is saying to his people.

John Walton has done a great service to the church, helping God’s people to read Scripture rightly by setting Genesis 1 in its ancient context.

His book, The Lost World of Genesis One is immensely helpful and an easy-to-read introduction to reading the biblical text without being bound by questions of modern science.


Walton gave a series of lectures at Grand Rapids Theological Seminary last year. They’re excellent and can be found here.

See also this basic video presentation of his perspective.

5 thoughts on “Creation in Genesis

  1. Alex Durbin

    I cannot wait to read this. I’ve made creationism my god and any evidence that runs contrary to a literal 6 day creation has shaken my faith in said god, until I push it out of my mind. This is no way to go about living one’s Christian faith. I don’t doubt Creator God and that He is the cause for everything, but to present YEC as an all or none option can be treacherous. I’m glad I stumbled onto your site. I guess my wife was on to something when she would tell me how much she enjoyed your teaching. =)

    1. timgombis

      Alex, read Walton’s book slowly and read Genesis 1-2 over and over. Check out his other resources, too. He opens up ways of reading Scripture that draw God’s people into the project of cultivating wisdom for faithful and joyful obedience without reference to whatever scientific view one takes. It’s a way of regarding Genesis that takes the “origins” question off the table, de-pressurizing the situation.

  2. Andrew

    … also realize the Genesis you read is in English informed by millennia of poor exegesis trying to fit Genesis into the science of the day, whereas the one written – Hebrew spoken directly to an audience who requires no exegesis and has no science what-so-ever.

    Genesis establishes that God is creator, man is creature; and that God possess the attributes of God, whereas man is merely created in His image. If Walton’s book stripes some of this confusion away, I expect this is why the book is of value, and why TIm is sharing it.

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