Being Confused with Barth

Despite attempts to fix it, the page for my Paul book continues to revert to a description of Barth’s Dogmatics.  I’m sure this is due to Amazon’s inability to distinguish between the power of Barth and my interpretation of Paul. 

Delusions aside, I just hope he’d be kinder to me than he is in his Romans commentary regarding contemporary work on Paul:

“Modern pictures of Paul seem to me—and not to me only—simply incredible” (p. 11).

“[I]t is strange how utterly harmless and unexceptionable most commentaries on the Epistle to the Romans and most books about Paul are” (p. 13).

One response to “Being Confused with Barth

  • Matt Jenson

    Dude, I am having the same problem with our Church Guide. I emailed T&T Clark, so hopefully it’ll get fixed. I’m with you, nice to be in Barth’s company – but bush league work by Amazon!

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