Being Confused with Barth

Despite attempts to fix it, the page for my Paul book continues to revert to a description of Barth’s Dogmatics.  I’m sure this is due to Amazon’s inability to distinguish between the power of Barth and my interpretation of Paul. 

Delusions aside, I just hope he’d be kinder to me than he is in his Romans commentary regarding contemporary work on Paul:

“Modern pictures of Paul seem to me—and not to me only—simply incredible” (p. 11).

“[I]t is strange how utterly harmless and unexceptionable most commentaries on the Epistle to the Romans and most books about Paul are” (p. 13).

One thought on “Being Confused with Barth

  1. Matt Jenson

    Dude, I am having the same problem with our Church Guide. I emailed T&T Clark, so hopefully it’ll get fixed. I’m with you, nice to be in Barth’s company – but bush league work by Amazon!

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