Leadership & Loneliness

I’m reading The Book of the Dun Cow again.  It’s an allegory about . . . , well, about so many things.  It’s such a lively story filled with wonderful characters.  Pretty much every chapter contains a paragraph that makes me stop to re-read a few times.  This one called to mind experiences of pastoral ministry and leadership:

Chauntecleer the Rooster was growing weary of irritations.  It crossed his mind for the second time in a day that it would be good to have just one person for simple friendship and for talk.  In this single, chilly moment—as he got ready to give instructions to a busy-brittle and punctual Ant—the Rooster felt lonely (p. 37).

One thought on “Leadership & Loneliness

  1. Frank

    What a sad thought. Take my health, wealth, and freedom but please leave me a friend. These things mean nothing without someone to share them.
    As I think about pastors, especially pastors who are the only leaders in the church, the saying, “it’s lonely at the top”, crosses my mind. Most people come to people of perceived position and power to receive. If they do give, many times it’s for the hopes of exchange even if at a later date.
    As lay people, we must befriend and support those who God placed in our lives unequivocally without regard to our own wishes or requirements.

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