An Easter Worth Celebrating

Last year I gave these two chapel talks on the meaning of Jesus’ death and resurrection in the Scriptural narrative, along with some implications for how Easter can configure our lives today. Check ’em out–part 1 and part 2.

2 thoughts on “An Easter Worth Celebrating

  1. Dave

    Enjoyed your framing of the narrative. I have been thinking a lot how Easter should be bigger than Christmas. Christmas gets a month or so of celebrations. While for most Christians I know have one day to celebrate, and it isn’t quite as good. N.T. Wright has spoken along the lines that we need to have such extravagant parties that people would ask what this is all about. He spoke of parades and champagne for breakfast as an example of how big the Easter season should be. I hope the church can demonstrate how big of a deal Easter is through both our cruciform lives and through celebrating with extravagant seriousness the event that changes everything.

    1. timgombis

      Well said, Dave. Indeed, Advent and Christmas are certainly worth celebrating, but Easter is the true day of victory! Why we don’t make a bigger deal of it indicates our shallow grasp of the logic of the faith, unfortunately.

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