God Raised Jesus from the Dead

The Creator God is the God of wonderful reversals.  He grants a child of promise to old and decrepit Abraham and Sarah; he delivers a nation of slaves from the world’s most powerful empire by making a pathway through the sea; he defeats the champion warrior Goliath through David, the shepherd-boy; he crumbles the walls of Jericho through songs of praise.

And God performs his ultimate reversal by raising Jesus from the dead.  At the very darkest moment in human history, when humanity committed its most outrageous injustice, when the creation killed its Creator, when all hope was lost, God brings about his greatest triumph and radically alters reality forever.

God raised Jesus from the dead!

Father in heaven, God of reversals and redemption, we praise you for sending Jesus into the world to die for sin and for raising him from the dead to conquer sin and death forever.  Thank you that we have the promise of new life even though we may pass through death.  We praise you, Father, that you have unleashed on the world your resurrection power.  Give us grace to walk in your love so that we might experience that power in our lives, for the glory of Christ and for the good of the world. Amen.

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