Field Work for the USDIW

I’ve been a bit busy lately, which is why I haven’t been posting.  Not only am I preparing for my trip to St. Andrews, I’ve been doing some field work for the U.S. Dept. of Inclement Weather.

A brutal heat wave has overtaken West Michigan over the last several weeks, so my assistant Riley and I have been sent regularly by the USDIW to investigate local beaches and find out how best to find relief. 

We have indeed found that extended swimming, mutual dunking, and body-surfing are most helpful.  After trying the chocolate-vanilla twist, raspberry sorbet, and lemon-lime sorbet, we found that this final option was the most refreshing and indeed, most appropriate for the summer heat.  We also found that after the sun goes down, extra-large servings of french fries and gyros sandwiches satisfy an appetite worked up in the waves.

We’ll be submitting our findings to the USDIW in a report which will be dictated by me to Riley who will write it up in crayon.

3 thoughts on “Field Work for the USDIW

    1. timgombis

      Maybe. Hoping to get at least one round in, but I’m actually partial to the New Course, right next to it, and one of the world’s oldest. It’s just that it’s “newer” than the Old.

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