Prayer for the Weekend

“Surely, Lord, it is not I?”
So often we know even before we ask that it is.
We, like Judas,
like all the disciples,
like every disciple who has ever lived,
have betrayed Jesus
for the most trifling of rewards.
May we, too, feel the burn of Jesus’ eyes as he speaks to us
“Yes, it is you.”
Help us Lord
to confront our secret betrayals,
to know them as clearly and judge them as surely
as does your purifying and cauterizing gaze.
And on the far side of the shame and pain of crucifixion may we
discover your enduring and redeeming love restoring us and
raising us up
to a new fullness of life lived in your Son and the power of the Holy Spirit.

From Richard Bauckham & Trevor Hart, At the Cross, p. 32.

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