Wisdom for Seminary Graduates

Stanley Hauerwas delivered this wonderful sermon last month for the Duke Divinity School Closing Convocation.

I love his plainspoken counsel, appropriating Jesus’ question to Peter for those headed into the ministry, “do you love me?”

Do you love me?  The question cannot be avoided.  The question certainly cannot be avoided by those in the ministry.  For as I think you will discover, the ministry is a playground of manipulative games derived from distrust and envy that too often produces lives of self-destructive self-hate.  If you do not love Jesus you will find it almost impossible to survive in the ministry.


6 thoughts on “Wisdom for Seminary Graduates

  1. John Duffy

    Just want you to know that I miss your blog posts. I’m sure that you’re enjoying a well-earned break from it, but I thought you might appreciate knowing that I’ve enjoyed making your blog part of my day for the last month or so.

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