I’ve taken a bit of a sabbatical from the blog over the last week or two.

I’ve just completed my second year of teaching at Grand Rapids Theological Seminary, and it’s been a supremely fulfilling season.

I’m in the midst of the transition from the school year to a summer schedule and am anticipating some fruitful months of research and writing.

I’m hoping to make progress on a few long-term writing projects, finish some book reviews, and prepare two papers—on Philemon and Romans 7—for summer conferences.

Complicating matters somewhat are my ongoing negotiations with a front yard that has discovered new frontiers in dormancy.  We’re hoping to see death and resurrection dynamics at work agronomically even as I reflect on them theologically.

Just to say, I’ll be busy.

But I hope to get back to the blog shortly, reflecting on a range of topics, and especially to revive my reflections on Romans.

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