Post-Super Bowl Semantic Snobbery

Well, the game was a shocker to most people, though not to the very few who predicted a blowout by Seattle.

Because of his behavior at the end of the NFC Championship two weeks ago, Richard Sherman garnered loads of media attention leading up to yesterday’s game. Understandably, he’s making the rounds today on various radio and TV programs.

Educated at Stanford, he’s an unusually well-spoken athlete. But he couldn’t avoid this mixed metaphor while describing Russell Wilson’s calm demeanor:

“In his DNA, he’s got ice water running through his veins.”


6 thoughts on “Post-Super Bowl Semantic Snobbery

    1. timgombis

      I caught a little of it, not the whole thing. But Bruno Mars was bangin’ like Charlie Watts and the show was going well until the Chili Peppers showed up. I normally love ’em, but they just seemed to me to be redundant and sprinkled in pointlessly. I don’t know why the NFL feels the need to do these bizarre mashups.

      1. Wesman

        Agreed. An unexpected start with a children’s choir, then an awkward move to a Bruno Mars drum solo, then a fairly entertaining performance by Mars and Co. followed by a random insert of the Chili Peppers, which created an even more bizarre, like you say, pointless inclusion. And then the military “I love you’s” leading to the conclusion Mars solo. Why can’t the entire 12 minutes or so be tightly themed and woven together? Why can’t it make sense as a collective whole?

  1. Andrew

    As a non-American who greatly admired Tim Tebow’s overt expressions of faith, I’m not terribly update the Broncos’ lost ….

    Perhaps that’s an uninformed and shallow football perspective …. ah well.

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